Brood War Download 1.16.1


StarCraft Brood War Download

– Free download
– Newest 1.16.1 version
– Compatible with all private servers


Or download the game from iccup servers

For patches maps and other stuff visit How to start playing Starcraft?

Also download BN Gateway Editor to add the server of your choice.

Want a new server? Try:



TimeZone: +2

Servers still working:

starcraft brood war tools

153 Responses to Brood War Download 1.16.1

  1. MIkhail Lacaba says:

    thank you

  2. Zroxeng says:

    Thank you for uploading this game with this version already installed… Works fine!!!

  3. clicksang says:

    thank – link good

  4. says:

    Every time i try to download it it stops after random minits nd random MB’s…wats wronge…plaz i wanna play it
    VERY important…HELP…

  5. Billy says:

    Hey I noticed a virus on this. You should probably take it off,

  6. George says:

    if you don’t get rid of the virus i will sue

  7. john anthony bunyi says:

    how come there is no sound on mine?

  8. Sini says:

    Is it normal that this game’s installation is only 100mb big?
    Is it something like demo version?

  9. llll says:

    Bullshit Comments

  10. Rizky says:

    ty for the the device

  11. Efe says:

    thank you

  12. riyaldi says:

    how to install it?

  13. duy phuong says:

    thanks so much ^^

  14. Alexsander Monjou says:

    thank you

  15. dukes says:

    hope this works

  16. that guy down the street says:

    LEVEL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  17. Colton says:

    Dosent let me play single player or online dosent work

  18. richie says:


  19. says:

    why no story mode

  20. rafa says:

    Tnx for the game :)

  21. Jarrod says:


  22. best virus ever says:

    my anti virus save my computer from trojan

  23. dave sawyer says:

    does this work

  24. Andrey says:

    Link is broken. Upload it somewhere until it disappears

  25. Starcraft is not old says:

    how do you play campaign?

  26. D says:

    is this 1.16.1?

  27. Hiep says:

    Viet Nam, thanks.

  28. gmbrooout says:

    i dont know how to thank you!

  29. Dodo says:

    how install? this game , I dont know … please help me . enytyng

  30. dalton says:

    is this legit

  31. FateX says:


  32. oli says:

    how to install it??

  33. Marcos Gomes says:

    Campaign does not work :/ Only for me?

  34. m1ph1x says:

    you’re a bag of awesome, in a pocket full of wicked!!! ^^

  35. Rodrigo says:

    I’m curious, can i play offline with this..? And, it’s only the expansion set, or also the game, because it’s pretty light, i thought it would be heavier. :)

  36. cuong says:

    tai sao luc vao man hinh bi lan màu va ko choi dc protoss

  37. vitzu says:

    old times:D i ve playing it like in ’98 or so…and now after years i wanna play it again:D

  38. cj says:

    doesnt work for me what else do i have to download to play????????

  39. The Repeat says:

    Sweet!I love it!

  40. The Repeat says:

    Uh…its 101 mb is it not?Please fix it!

  41. micheal says:

    the storm.dll is missing?

  42. Donaldo says:


  43. i cant get the campaign to start
    how do i get it to play

  44. jireh says:

    rock n roll

  45. nilo says:

    can this be play in campaign?

  46. tony says:

    esta de lujo a ver si agregas el parche porque en windows 7 no se ve tan bien

  47. Warat says:

    Thanks Sooo much. The one site that actually has a link to Starcraft and not some random software.

  48. liam says:

    thank you i have been looking for ages

  49. asdasdasdasd says:

    Thank you so much! appreciate it a lot.

  50. Jonathan says:

    gracias esta super

  51. Daniel says:

    I have some problem , is going out from game when i try to select something and the graphic is not good to its look like washed colours…can u help me please ?

  52. mac user says:

    how to make this work with mac?

  53. Abraham Alvarado (: says:

    Thanks you so much!! For thise uploading game! :D

  54. The Xel-Naga says:

    This really helps since my copy of this game broke in two. :(
    Thanks a lot! :)

  55. zealot says:

    why laggy?

  56. rager says:

    ITS A FAKE!!!!! nothing happens when i press campaign mode. thx for ruining 10 minutes of my life i will sue u for that

  57. orlando says:

    thank you for share..

  58. yavar says:

    If i try any serever I see the CD Key Message…Why..?
    (sorry for bad English)

  59. yavar says:

    How I creat private server..? or add it..? when I add any server in bnet..this server show in my Game but when I try to join see that message..(CD Key..)

    • BroodFan says:

      u need latest version patche since cd key always keep getting pop up..if u wan full version just buy the original one :)

  60. Is it just me or are some units and upgrades in the game missing? There are not any lurkers, dark templars, valkyries and other stuff…

  61. bibicu says:

    cd key wrong ?! and i need some server list if u have some plese…thx

  62. says:

    this is not working only campain mode not the story mode

  63. pao says:

    hello. the game keeps changing contrast and it’s difficult to even start a new campaign because of it. Any suggestion on how to fix this? still a good download though. Thanks!

  64. ikanmasin says:

    how to create an account? cannot create one.

  65. Jose Alfaro says:

    Works great on nexus 5. i..i ,

  66. Can this be used on garena plus platform? i am currently playing games all over garena plus lan game, COD4: MW . Starcraft(dling this file), warcraft frozen throne 3 :))

  67. carlos says:

    do i need starcraft one installed to play this brood war version cause in some cases you do.

  68. BroodFan says:

    i just download tis hopefully fine with multiplayer because my old starcraft version 1.04 cannot connect to multiplayer private server..eventhough i used hamachi software

  69. i wanna playyy says:

    Hey, why does it say that there is no file in the file?? is it a problem on my end? Thanks

  70. yuwono says:

    how to add “Big Game Hunters(8)” Map on it ?

  71. seth says:

    does this have any viruses cuz im looking everywhere for this game and i cant find a single copy without viruses an can you play offline with a cpu against you not campaign but just against a cpu

  72. SpencerHow says:

    Jimbo loves penis

  73. Nostalgia says:

    Can servers be run through hamachi? or do you really need to make another server?

  74. argie says:


  75. chasespades says:

    you go and make a good download and then put a virus on it, why?

  76. kera says:

    does this game work offline?

  77. jay says:

    this online game??

  78. Hendy says:

    thanks for you……
    Good game……

  79. lucy says:

    Thank you!You are the best!

  80. rodrigo says:

    hello, what can i do to can play campaign’?

  81. gigi says:

    hi. cam anyone explain to me as when you explain to beginers. how do i play starcraft online? how can i add this private servers. ?? any step by step tutorial? for example :

    1 . download the game
    2. go to starcraft.exe
    3. go to multiplayer


    thanks in advance and waiting for your quick replay

  82. traian says:

    i love u Michelle Donovan :D

  83. Protosc says:

    LMAO…. So funny to read dumb asses that click and dont READ in progress. I mean HOW many times was it said there is NO campaign files with this download… Its for MULTIPLAYER ie. Local Area Network (LAN) you vs. your friends via cable connections. Excellent game id totally buy it again to play the campaigns again… Thanks for the link zensc it beats a 3-600mb download for sumthing ending up as the BEST Multiplayer Game ever…Anyway…:)

  84. zags2344Nate says:

    I get stuck… I’ve added the gateway but it tells me I am attempting to get into a battlenet server and should connect manually? Another server tells me that every name has been taken and I can not create a new name…. any suggestions? Thanks

  85. Joe says:

    How do u unzip the file? i don’t understand how do work with computers but i really need some help so please help me…. :(

  86. The guy infront from this computer says:

    I just want to able to play me and my friend, I don’t want to play online ( problably later on) . When i’m trying to invite him, it only appears or … Can someboddy help me

  87. Legalsnowman says:

    No Virus only reason game is so small is that you need to download the maps yourself

  88. duy says:

    ty for share

  89. J says:

    works fine thanks man :)

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